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    What do the following terms mean and how are they related to Sex Change Surgery (SCS) and to each other.


    Sex Change, Phalloplasty, Gender Reassignment Surgery (GRS),


    • Transgender / Transsexual
    • Heterosexual / Homosexual
    • Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual
    • Transvestite


    A brief history will help explain the origin and evaluation of these terms. Thru-out history sexual attraction and activity between opposite sexes has been the norm in all major cultures. Anything different has been treated in often diverse ways by different people and in different times.

    It is sometimes accepted as a normal activity without stigma, sometimes as being revered and elevated in status and sometimes as deviant, even criminal behavior subject to severe punishment, social outcasts even death.

    21st Century Western Society is becoming more tolerant even accepting of different sexual “lifestyles” but certain cultures and even some so called educated westerners remain prejudiced and refuse to try and understand.

    Sex Change Surgery (SCS) AKA Sexual Reassignment Surgery (SRS) or Gender Reassignment Surgery (GRS) applies to surgical procedures for those long suffering men or women who feel their real gender is opposite to the body they are living in and wish to live as the opposite sex.

    Sex Change Surgery (SCS) burst upon the U.S.A. in the mid 20th Century with the famous case of Christine Jorgensen a man who underwent GRS in Denmark.  This became a media frenzy and was treated as comic fodder. Little by little as more brave individuals sought relief from their suffering surgical procedures to change not only the genital organs but also masculinize or feminize the facial and even body habitus features have been developed.  These are now part of programs set up with strict physical and extensive psychological criteria for acceptance.  Needless to say the whole subject of GRS remains somewhat controversial.

    PHALLOPLASTY the term derives from the Greek, Phallus, meaning an erected Penis and PLASTICOS meaning “to change form”.

    There are two types: Cosmetic Phalloplasty (CP) which enlarges a normal male penis and Reconstructive Phalloplasty (RS) which builds a new penis where there wasn’t one (female to male GRS) or repairs an injured or damaged penis – (war wounds, fires, cancer etc). I have specialized in Cosmetic Phalloplasty and Ancillary masculinization / feminization procedures for more than 20 years (more about those later) and don’t do R.S.

    Who are these people seeking GRS? The correct term is TRANSSEXUALS.  Better to answer who or what they are not! They are not homosexual, gay or lesbian or bisexual. I remember when “gay” meant happy, carefree enjoying life. A “gay blade” was a BON-VIVANT a ” man about town”.

    How it transformed to meaning homosexual probably stems from “gay blade” being associated with a “dandy” a rather foppish male thought to have feminine characteristics and not a “real” man.

    The term “lesbian” comes from association with the Greek island “Lesbos”, (Now Lesvos) the home of Sappho the ancient poet and her followers to whom homosexuality was attributed.

    They are not transvestites who have normal sexual orientation but like to dress as the opposite sex.

    How are the surgeries performed?

    Firstly, male to female GRS is by far more common. The goal is to end up with a normal functioning female body and facial features. This often requires more than one procedure at a time called “stages”. To summarize the penile body is removed sparing the head to convert to a clitoris for normal sensation. The urine carrying channel is also spared for normal urinary function.  The testicles are removed leaving the sac (scrotum) to convert to a vagina and normal labia or external genitalia.

    Ancillary procedures include:

    1. Female Hormone Therapy
    2. Breast  Implants
    3. Body Contouring – for example liposuction or fat transfer to produce a more female like shape
    4. Laser Hair Removal/Hair & Makeup
    5. These are my specialties. Changing facial features – Smaller nose and chin, building up. Higher cheek bones, smaller jaw.  Reduce the size of the “Adam’s Apple” and sometimes the forehead.
    6. Voice Lessons



    Female to Male Conversion

    A more complicated surgery called RECONSTRUCTIVE PHALLOPLASTY involves fashioning a neo-penis from either transfer of nearby (local) flaps of skin such as the inner thighs or groin area. Preserving the clitoris and urinary channel to act as the head of the penis called METOIDIOPLASTY is done. A penile prosthesis which provides rigidity for erection is also done.

    Ancillary Procedure – Include:

    1. Male Hormone Treatment
    2. Breast Reduction
    3. Body Implants – including, Pectoral Implants to increase muscular appearance do chest, arm and leg implants.
    4. Lipo transfer to masculinize the body shape
    5. Voice lessons
    6. Masculinizing facial features (My Specialty – I have patented chin and nasal implants and surgeries to improve neck contour – my Hyoid Release Cervicoplasty and Mentopexy open and close neck contouring.
    7. Hair transplants/Male grooming

    In summary – I cannot stress enough that GRS is very serious surgery with a long term commitment and many potential serious complications both physical and psychological.

    I hope that someday all people will join in recognizing all members of our sexually normal family.  We are all God’s children – brothers and sisters.

    I believe that someday GRS will not be necessary and Genetic Engineering will be the answer. My specialty is Cosmetic Phalloplasty, Facial Plastic Surgery, and Body Contouring. Cosmetic Phalloplasty  involves advancing the normal inner penis by gaining length and adding your own concentrated fat to increase the thickness of the shaft.  Please visit these areas on my website (

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