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  • Regain penile length

    Question of the day comes from H.O.D., 54 year old.


    • I recently had an inflatable balloon called a prosthesis put in my penis to treat my erection problem.  If works well but I have lost almost two inches in penile length.  Can I re-gain this loss?  The doctor didn’t warn me this could happen and both me and my wife are very disappointed.
      • I am sorry you feel this way and I fully understand why.  Yes, it is possible to regain a good bit of the loss with surgery to release the ligaments that hold your penis under your pubic bone.  This is our MISL™ – Minimally Invasive Surgery with Laser and advances your inner penis.  However this as certain drawbacks and risks so everyone may not be a good candidate.  Things to consider are possible interference with the working of the prosthesis.  The fact that the prosthesis usually has to be replaced in 7-8 years is also a factor since more surgery in this area could complicate things.  Most importantly you may not have enough accessible inner penis to advance to regain the loss.
      • It is my obligation and responsibility to evaluate you honestly.  There is something else that can be easily done and is very effective in improving things – more about that in our next blog.


    We that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  As always, “Honesty is the Best Policy”.


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