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    QUESTION OF THE DAY; Submitted by L. P. – a 35 years old male



    Ø      How many doctors do penis enlargement Surgery (PES)? I live in the mid west and can’t find anyone in my area. I have even asked my family doctor and he was no help.



    Ø      Your question is not surprising. There are a handful of doctors around the country who do it and only a few have the knowledge, experience and dedication to do it well.  Most of the surgeons who do PES are located on the east and west coast.  The other reason is that PES is not well publicized by the many men who have had it done. Unlike women, say, who have had breast augmentation which is now an accepted part of our popular culture.

    Women talk honestly, almost with a responsibility, about cosmetic surgery.

    Whereas men usually feel somewhat embarrassed and feel no obligation to share their experience, no matter how successful and life changing, with other men.

    There are many internet ads for PES – so how does one evaluate these.

    First, my dad used to say “don’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you see.” This is still good advice.

    o       First, ask your family doctor. As I said this may not be helpful.

    o       Second, after doing as much research as you can without being confused or prejudiced prepare a list of important questions to ask the doctor. I mean try to speak directly with the doctor not some “counselor” who’s  job it is to “rope you in.”  Ask to speak to a patient who has had it done. This also must be done cautiously since no doctor is going to have you talk to a patient with a bad experience. However, you will get the real nitty gritty from most patients.

    o       Next a face to face consultation with the doctor is mandatory for both the patient and the doctor. Many men withhold information or “judge the facts” over the phone.  Trust your instincts. If you don’t feel comfortable you should postpone any decision. This is too important and stress and tension brought about by anxiety can interfere with your healing and overall results.

    Ø      As the doctor if he has done very many of these PESs. Is he Board Certified, etc. Don’t be shy – you have the right to your peace of mind, self image and self confidence.



    We that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  As always, “Honesty is the Best Policy”.


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