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  • The real story

    I have recently seen a blog with a caption “How Dr. Stephen X. Giunta screwed up my surgery”-
    Well anyone seeing this world think he had some horrible surgical complication but if you read further you would find out that I had never (ever) operated on him at all.
    I was amazed and flabbergasted!! He was obviously trying to damage my reputation.
    Here is the REAL STORY;
    This man had talked to me on the phone requesting Phalloplasty Enlargement surgery and passed the screening consultation test. Much later, he called and requested a surgical date quite a bit in the future. As it happened I had to move my office to our new state of the art facility during the time for his final consultation and surgical procedure. Due to a staff clerical error he was not notified that, the office would be closed for the move and we would reschedule him. Well he arrived, from out of town while the movers were working. I apologized profusely- I paid his airline and hotel expenses (he stayed 2-3 extra days) and offered to do his surgery for free!!
    Apparently, this was not enough for his fragile ego and he was seeking some kind of illogical revenge.
    Well all I can say is people and life can be really change at times. He win the Y.O.Y (Award Of the Year).

    Stephen X. Giunta, M.D.

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