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  • Patriot Payback Program

    Today I’d like to tell you about programs that Aesthetic Plastic Surgery International offers to help out while the economy is recovering from the recession sequestration, depressed job market etc.
    First – our Patriot Payback program – this gives large discounts (up to 50% in some cases) to active, reserve and retire vets of all our military services, fireman, policemen and their families. Secondly – Our summer specials until September 1st – this applies to all our surgeries – penile enlargement, facial surgeries, liposuction, Botox and fillers etc. Thirdly, we offer 50% discount to spouses of Penis Enlargement patients or cosmetic procedures – face-lifts, noses, eyelids, body liposuction and mini tummy tucks. Also, we have our Combo Program – large discounts if you have another procedure in combination with your initial one.
    Until next time –

    Stephen X. Giunta, M.D.

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