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  • Follow up for Penile Implants blog

    Question of the day is a follow up to yesterday’s blog about Penile Implants as a treatment for erectile dysfunction (formerly known as “impotence”).


    • I stated that although loss of penile length is common after inserting an inflatable prosthesis (implant).  It may or may not be advisable to try to re-gain the length by our MISL™ surgery.  There is something else safe and simple we can do to help.


    • We’ll here it is!  One of the common complaints men have about the inflatable implant is that the penis feels cold and the skin feels thin and lacks a normal “fleshy” feeling.  For this I recommend and have successfully treated the problem with our Free Fat Graft procedure to thicken the penile shaft.  This accomplishes two things.  First, the fat provides a thick layer of “insulation” around the shaft covering the chambers where the implant is and does not interfere with the implant or the normal sensation.  This relieves the feeling of coldness and provides a normal feel to the penis both to the man and his partner.  Secondly, the added girth makes the penis larger thereby adding to the pleasure of the partner.  It also enlarges the penis thereby making up for some of the loss of length resulting from the implant surgery.  The Free Fat Graft is simple, safe and effective for most men with an implant.


    • Well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  As always “Honesty is the Best Policy”.


    *To see if you are a good candidate for this – contact Dr. Giunta and our staff at 703-845-7400 or email us at

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