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    More about advantages of treatments with Fat Derived Adult Stem Cells (ADSC);
    I recently treated a woman whom I discover a small skin cancer on her upper cheek near her eye. After surgical removal, since it was growing beneath the surface, a deep defect to the muscle about the size of the quarter resulted. The usual surgery with the skin graft or rotating with a skin graft or rotating adjacent skin and muscle to close the defect would leave visible scars. I chose to fill the defect with her own fat, augmented with her own ADSC and let mature heal it. This called healing by Secondary intent and I am a big proponent of it (there is no better surgery than Mother Nature!).

    bobbie D
    The result was spectacular- complete healing in less than a month with no visible defects. Of course, she will be monitored for any future problems.
    This is great stuff!
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    StephenX.Giunta, M.D.

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