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              Of course you do, if you’re like 90% of women over the age of puberty. This also applies to a lot of me.

                Why are women more affected than men?

                The reason is that women have a protective layer of fat almost throughout their whole body much more so than men. This is called the Panniculus Adiposis and is what makes women so soft and cuddly.

                So what really causes Cellulite?

                It has a lot to do with how the fat is held in place between your skin and muscle. Fat, by itself is soft and jelly like. If it weren’t for the system of SEPTAE,

    Gravity would cause the fat to migrate toward the floor.

                What is the System of Septae?

                Thru out the body, strands of firm brands penetrate the layer of fat from the underlying muscle to the skin holding the fat in place and giving it firmness. These bands are called Septae and act like a webbing or netting. (see diagram)

                So what causes Cellulite:

                There are several causes, including sun damage, age, weight gain, hormonal changes and blood circulation changes and heredity.

                What ever the underlying biochemistry the main cause is that these Septae no longer can accommodate the fatty layer and stretch and alternately shrink thereby pulling down the skin where they attach. This causing the dimpling.  This also interferes with the circulation to skin causing more wrinkling and loss of some of the normal fat. You get the picture – it is very complex.

    So what is the answer?

                One of the best answers is our new Rejuvederm System (rejuvederm.net) formerly known as Rejuveskin.

                I changed the name because of the recent new and improved additions. Along with the concept of the cause and the treatment which I devised.  I am now adding Adult Fat Cell derived Stem Cells.  One of the draw backs of the old rejuveskin treatment was unpredictability of survival of the transplanted fat cells. (I’ll explain the process a little bit down the line.) There are millions of stem cells in every bit of fat, even more so than bone marrow.

                I am now able to extract these stem cells from extra fat called the Strumal Vascular Fraction (SVF). I add them to the fat to be grafted along with other nutrients such as albumn and platelet rich plasma. This new process yields a better take of the fat grafts therefore better results.

                So what is this new Rejuvederm System.

                Firstly I want you to understand what is not. It is not just a liposuction.  Actually liposuctioning cellulite will make it worse. It is not meant to take the place of a healthy life style including avoiding sun damage.

                Since I invented the original treatment based on the concept of contraction of the Septae, the release of the septae with the original dermasector  instruments I devised and original instruments for fat grafting are now updated and improved. Now with addition of the Stem Cells the fat graft take has improved – A win win

    situation. I keep working to make the process better and am really pleased with the results.

                Nothing is perfect. Everything has a crack in it – “that’s how the light gets in”.

                I am constantly working to shed more light on the cause and treatment of cellulite. You may not be a good candidate for treatment. Not everyone is. Your best course is an individual consultation or at least a good phone consult.


                                                                                        “Without wax”

                                                                                        Stephen X. Giunta, M.D., F.I.C.S.


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