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  • A brief bio Stephen X. Giunta

    Allow me to introduce myself;

    My name is  Stephen X. Giunta, M.D. (pronounced June-ta), it is of Italian origin but I was born in New York State. My parents came thru the Great depression of the 1930’s and World War II and I carry the values of the “greatest generation”.

    My specialty is COSMETIC PLASTIC SURGERY also called Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and have been doing it for over thirty years. However for the last 21 years, I have also developed and pioneered in the Sub-Specialty of male genital (penis) enlargement and related procedures.
    I work in sub-urban Washington D.C. and my patients come from all over the country and most other foreign nations.
    In starting this blog not only do I want to tell you about how cosmetic genital surgery for both men and women works but about some of the interesting and fascinating stories of the over seven thousand patients I have been privileged to have cared for. Especially, I want you to know how similar the stories are and how much we are really all like.

    Lets start with “Mike” (not his real name and or where he’s from of course)

    Mike is a 40 years old male, very smart and an accomplished engineer, but all of his adult life he felt inadequate and at times depressed about the size of his penis- he shied away from getting too serious with a woman for fear that when it progressed to time for sex he would not be able to satisfy his lady-love, this went on for years and when he finally came to me I could see the desperation and sadness. That was about five years ago and I recently got a letter from him thanking me for the successful surgery that changed his life. His professional career has flourished because of the new self-confidence that has allowed his talent to express itself. Better still, he is happily married with two beautiful children and one on the way! I cannot tell you how much stories like “Mike” mean to me.

    You can read more about these marvelous people and my work at www.drgiunta.com, call me at 703-845-7400 or email me at apsialexdr@gmail.com.

    If you are interested in a program for your self, I will guide you on your journey with things you should consider.
    For instance firstly realistically what can & cannot be accomplished, how to evaluate a Doctor’s credentials and experience, how to accomplish the best results and how to evaluate all the negative and misinformation that is out there. You can even talks to someone who has had the procedure. I will be your surgeon!
    That is all for now—more later!

    Brief Bio- A few words-about me—
    I earned my medical degree from Georgetown University Medical School as did my father and brother so you could say I have been in medicine all my life. After two years in internship and residency, I did general practice, even making over 400 house calls. I knew all I really was passionate about was surgery and since it was the age of specialization, I decided to specialize in surgery and completed six years of surgical residency in the State University of New York system and fellowship training in New York City and Rome, Italy. That was over 30 years ago. Not to brag, I am Board Certified by three Boards and have performed over 20,000 surgical procedures of many types. My contributions include several original operations, implants and instruments that bear my name. I have published several original articles and recently finished a book chapter on Free-Fat Grafting soon to be published.
    As a member Fellow of many scientific societies, I have lectured and done teaching both here and abroad. I work in my state of the art clinic, which fully accredited for safety and excellence. I have an outstanding staff of highly competent well-trained professionals.
    We are dedicated to your safety and privacy.
    More info will be coming soon.

    Stephen X. Giunta, M.D.

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