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  •  What is the best age to have a Penile Enlargement (Phalloplasty)?

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    TODAY’S Question – submitted by T.R. – a 23 years old male

    • What is the best age to have a Penile Enlargement (Phalloplasty)?
      • In my experience, the average age range for Penile Enlargement Surgery (PES) is from early 20’s to 70 years old. Although extremes at each end are not rare. For instance, a person must be 18 years old to give legal consent  needed unless one is legally an “Emancipated Minor”.
      • I have operated on many young adults only after careful evaluation of there physical and emotional maturity. Many parents bring their young sons in for evaluation and this is the preferred course.
      • The average age of the person I operate on is 38 years old. They are in good health and have been thinking about doing this for seven (7) years, so this is not a snap decision. They come from all races, cultures and socioeconomic background from bus-boys to captains of industry. Since most men come from out of town, a good History is done at our first phone consultation. If I deem the person is at this point a good candidate he then progresses to a face to face consult and if all is well surgery can be then be done. No patient is Ever Operated on without a complete consultation. NEVER- EVER!
      • The other end of the age spectrum i.e. 70 years old or older is carefully evaluated. Age alone is not  a contraindication for surgery. Anyone who has a medical condition such as Diabetes, High Blood Pressure or whatever is cleared by their doctor before surgery.
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