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  • What Hump Sir?

    What Hump, Sir?


    If you are a movie buff like I am you will recognize this classic line from the great Mel Brooke Movie starring Gene Wilder Marty Feldman, Peter Boyle (as the “monster”) Claris Leachman and Terry Garr.


    Gene Wilder plays the part of “Dr. Frankenstein” who created the original “monster” and is long since dead. He is now a world famous neurosurgeon, inherits his grandfather’s estate and tries to recreate life in a new “monster” like his grandfather did. Marty Feldman the comic with the egg size eyes plays Igor the hunchback assistant.


    When Dr. Frankenstein first meets, Igor he says, “I am a world famous surgeon and I can fix that hump for you” Igor responds innocently, “What hump, Sir?”


    The point of my story is that you never know what about a person’s face or body bothers them.


    At times, a person will come to me for a consultation and when I first see them I may see someone with, say a misshapen large nose or a large hairy mole on their face. I have learned not to blurt out “I can fix your nose or remove that mole” or whatever because often the person will want something entirely different, say a liposuction of the abdomen.

    It is much better for me to ask, “How may I help you” than let the consultation becomes an embarrassing “What hump, Sir” moment.


    People always amaze me and I am so grateful to have learned from them over the years.


    More later Squad!


    Stephen X. Giunta,  M.D.


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