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    “Heapius Corpus”


    Well guys and girls the Holiday Season is upon us once again.  It has been said that the average person will gain about 8-10 pounds starting from Halloween to New Years.

    To make it worse for guys the Football play off season, both colleges and the NFL is then just getting started.  So let’s add another month of celebration and over-indulgence.


    So that bring us to our Blog title.  What does is mean?  It is a play as the well known legal term Habeas Corpus, which is Latin for “To have the body”. So “Heapius” is satire meaning a heap or a large, untidy load or in our case I am referring to the increase in body fat because of the Holidays.


    So for the average guy and girl after “paving the road to hell, with good intentions”, reality sets in with all its anger and depression.

    So what can we do?

    First we have all been thru this cycle many times so, I know that exhibiting a little self control is to be expected from the start.  Next we have to face a few facts.  We all know as we get into our 30’s and older, our body thinks that fat is gold and it hangs onto it like it is FortKnox.  Why is dieting so difficult and ineffective?  Many books have been written about the science behind weight loss so this is not the forum for a long dissertation.  But you should know that when a person diets, almost half of the weight loss is muscle loss and muscle is pure protein.  Also other essential nutrients from bone and internal organs is also lost.  That is why you should under take a diet supervised by your doctor.  Don’t forget a surpervised exercise program is also essential for success.

    We all know how difficult this is and have experienced repeated failures.  Realizing that success is a committment to have a lifestyle change is half the battle.


    I am often asked about LIPOSUCTION.  I have been doing liposuction since it burst upon the scene over 25 years ago.

    In the properly selected person it is very very safe.  It is effective because you are removing pure fat.  If I remove two pounds of fat you would have to lose ten or more pounds by dieting to get the same change.  The rub is that you can’t spot or target the areas by dieting.  That’s why liposuction is so effective and still the most common Cosmetic Surgery is the U.S.  You can actually attack the areas that bother you.


    So I want you all to enjoy the Holidays knowing that a little self control goes a long way and there is always help if you need it.


    “Without wax”

    S.X.G., M.D.

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