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  • Sex Change Surgery (SCS)

    SEX CHANGE SURGERY, PHALLOPLASTY, SEX REASSIGNMENT, GENDER REASSIGNMENT SURGERY STEPHENX.GIUNTA, M.D., F.I.C.S What do the following terms mean and how are they related to Sex Change Surgery (SCS) and to each other.   Sex Change, Phalloplasty, Gender Reassignment Surgery (GRS),   Transgender / Transsexual Heterosexual / Homosexual Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Transvestite   A brief history

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  • A Game of Inches

    “A GAME OF INCHES’ Or Does Size Really Matter?   Well the Football season is in full swing. Football is often called a “game of inches”. This is because often times being able to advance (or prevent advancing) the football an inch or so can mean winning or losing. An inch or two increase in

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  • Heapius Corpus

    “Heapius Corpus”   Well guys and girls the Holiday Season is upon us once again.  It has been said that the average person will gain about 8-10 pounds starting from Halloween to New Years. To make it worse for guys the Football play off season, both colleges and the NFL is then just getting started. 

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  • Testosterone therapy

    Yesterday, I got one of the strangest request I have ever had a man in his late 40’s stated that he and his wife had virtually no sex life because her libido was very low and his sex drive was still very high. His solution , since he wanted to stay with her, was to

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