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  • Doctors who do Penis Enlargement Surgery

    QUESTION OF THE DAY; Submitted by L. P. – a 35 years old male   Question: Ø      How many doctors do penis enlargement Surgery (PES)? I live in the mid west and can’t find anyone in my area. I have even asked my family doctor and he was no help.   Answer: Ø      Your question is not

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  • Regain penile length

    Question of the day comes from H.O.D., 54 year old.   I recently had an inflatable balloon called a prosthesis put in my penis to treat my erection problem.  If works well but I have lost almost two inches in penile length.  Can I re-gain this loss?  The doctor didn’t warn me this could happen

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  • Good candidate for Free Fat Transfer

    Question of the day   Today’s question comes from J.T, 47 year old.   I have been tall and thin all my life.  I’m 6’1 and weigh 172 lbs.  I keep in good shape and don’t have a lot of body fat.  Am I a good candidate for the Free Fat Transfer to thicken my

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  • Follow up for Penile Implants blog

    Question of the day is a follow up to yesterday’s blog about Penile Implants as a treatment for erectile dysfunction (formerly known as “impotence”).   I stated that although loss of penile length is common after inserting an inflatable prosthesis (implant).  It may or may not be advisable to try to re-gain the length by

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