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  • Something New For The Ladies!

    We are now pleased to offer female cosmetic genital surgery Labiaplasty for excess labia tissue Reduction and beautification vaginoplasty Tightening of vagina Rejuvenation and reconstruction Hymen reconstruction Restore youthful appearance and feel *Ask about discount for partners of our phalloplasty patients. Aesthetic Plastic Surgery International ™ is located just a few minutes from the Ronald

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  • Dispelling Myth/Free Fat Graft Penis Enlargement Surgery

    Today’s question comes from F.A. – 43 years old. Question: Ø      I have heard that Free Fat Grafts (FFG) don’t work, they disappear or leave lumps. Is this true? Answer: Ø      DISPELLING THE MYTH or Why I prefer the FFG Penis Enlargement Surgery Despite what you might have heard or read about Free Fat Transfer (FFT) –

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