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  • A Game of Inches


    Or Does Size Really Matter?


    Well the Football season is in full swing. Football is often called a “game of inches”. This is because often times being able to advance (or prevent advancing) the football an inch or so can mean winning or losing. An inch or two increase in penis length or thickness is HUGE, both physically and psychologically. So let’s talk about penis size and what we can do about increasing it. First a little history is in order.


    The penis is universally accepted as a symbol or male power, dominance and

    virility. Attempts at enlargement parallel human history.  Understanding the deep


    psychological meaning of penis size cannot be overemphasized.  Size is often a perception problem and distortion can lead to lack of self-image and confidence with abnormal social development. For example avoiding participation in sports, military service, dating, choosing a marriage partner. Even leading to depression and even suicide.  There is nothing more devastating to self-esteem than penile size ridicule especially in adolescent and young adults and especially by the opposite sex.

    Many men are embarrassed and confused about what is normal penis size.  I call this an “Edifice Complex”.


                In the Pre-Modern Era, attempted enlargement involved some sort of stretching devise.  These worked best when started pre-pubertal (some ingenious, some torturous).  The earliest reports of attempted surgical lengthening are in the British Literature in 1947.  These were mostly unsuccessful and soon abandoned.

    The Modern Era begins with surgical treatment of Hidden Penis in pediatric patients.  This deals only with lengthening.

    The attempts at cosmetic girth enlargement (CPE) begin with using lipo-suctioned fat as Free Fat Graft (FFG) inserted under the loose skin of the penile shaft in 1989 by Dr.RicardoSamatier, a cosmetic surgeon in Florida.  This received a massive media attention and many untrained and inexperience surgeons attempted to “jump on the band wagon”.

    This shortly followed in 1990 by the method of lengthening reported in the Chinese Literature and quickly combined with the FFG by California urologists.  Virtually  many thousands were done without adequate peer review or follow up with many untoward, even disastrous results.

    In 1994, the AmericanAcademy of Phalloplasty Surgeons was formed by sincere and dedicated surgeons to promote safe and effective cosmetic penile surgery. I am proud to say that I am on their Board of Directors.

    I have been doing CPE for over 20 years and have priviledged to have done more than 10,000 procedures!!

    I am often asked what is the normal or average size penis.

    After measuring several thousands of men of all races researchers have found the average size to be 5.4 inches erect.  Of course there is tremendous difference between and among all races.  Many misconceptions and prejudices abound.

    The important thought is that a man feels adequate and confident in both his eyes and how he feels his partner views him.

    Surgical lengthening and thickening can do wonders for a man’s self image and self esteem.  It also can help his partner get more enjoyment. This is a win-win situation.  Remember though surgery is serious and not everyone can benefit.

    More later – “Without wax”

    StephenX.Giunta, M.D.

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